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Chiropractor In Eureka Focuses on Family

Dr. Jenny Komac

Dr. Jenny Komac, Eureka Family Chiropractic

At Eureka Family Chiropractic we care for all ages in Eureka and Tobacco Valley.

Providing Eureka and Tobacco Valley chiropractic patients with the opportunity to create their peak performance in health is what Eureka Family Chiropractic is all about. With a wellness approach for the entire family and a special emphasis on pediatric patients.

An expert in pediatric chiropractic, Dr. Jenny Komac educates her patients on topics such as:

  • Women’s Health
  • The Family Wellness
  • Children’s Health
  • Nutritious Diet

Dr. Komac’s Mission

As Dr. Komac explains, “Our mission is to help our clients achieve their health goals and to educate families on ways to help achieve optimal wellness. We offer prenatal care as well as from birth on.”

Whatever your family’s health concerns or objectives, Eureka Family Chiropractic would like to help! Give our Eureka chiropractic office a call today to schedule your first appointment.