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Introducing Eureka Chiropractor : Dr. Jenny Komac

My experience changed my life forever!

Dr. Jenny Komac, Eureka Chiropractor

Dr. Jenny Komac, Chiropractor

My first experience with chiropractic care was at age 16. My sister and I were having a foot race against our dad who was driving down the road. Not wanting to lose I severely pushed myself. By the end of the race I couldn’t put any weight on my left leg and could hardly walk or breathe. I cried all night in pain. The next morning my mom took me to her chiropractor who diagnosed subluxations in my low back and in my neck. The chiropractor explained that part of the problem I was experiencing began several years ago and that this was an acute exacerbation of an underlying and more chronic problem. Over the course of treatment that entire experience changed my life forever.

Chiropractic Education

I was just into my second year of college at Montana State University studying engineering when I suddenly lost two grandparents within three weeks. I was young and devastated. It brought to the forefront my unhappiness with the current path I was on in my own life. Not long after, I was at my chiropractor for a regular checkup and told him I was quitting college at the end of the semester to take time to figure out what I really wanted to be. He quickly replied, “why not be a Chiropractor? He provided a list of schools and phone numbers and offered to pay my way to visit any school of my choice. I chose Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX for many reasons including the curriculum, location, and giving me an opportunity for lots of hot, sunny weather.

My educational experiences began at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT and was completed at Parker College of Chiropractic where I received a Bachelor in Science of Anatomy and my Doctorate. The most valuable classes for me were the Philosophy classes because they gave me a greater understanding of the Foundation and Principles of Chiropractic. Chiropractic simply fit into my belief system in the balance of structure, chemistry, and emotion in relation to the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their health goals and to educate families on ways to help achieve optimal wellness. We offer prenatal care as well as from birth on.

I am married to Ron Komac, we met shortly after I finished Chiropractic College and moved back to Eureka. We have three children, Jenna, Katie and Carson. We enjoy living a healthy, family oriented Montana lifestyle.

I receive chiropractic care twice a month as a part of my own Wellness Program. However, there have been many times that I needed care on a more regular basis. I believe in nourishing the body while eating in a relaxing and happy environment. Eating on the run is sometimes a necessity, but can be detrimental to the body in the long run. I take supplements to enhance my diet. I practice yoga, walk almost daily and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including water-skiing, swimming, and snow skiing.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you and your family and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call, or email me using the link below and let’s arrange a time to explore your options

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